The exposition of identity within a metropolis is an audacious but necessary pursuit. “Make Your Mark,” with the accessibility of the simplest materials: craft glue, clear tape, and the human hand, expresses this dream of inclusiveness amidst nationhood and humanity.

With the gentle and widely playful gesture of drying glue on your finger and peeling it off, each person can experience the imprint of their unique pattern revealed in front of them. This process, when repeated tens of thousands of times, will collectively compose a representation of the essence of humanity. It is a pavilion that can occupy any place, where people will be surrounded by the absolute uniqueness of each person. Like the strokes of a brush in a masterful painting, each translucent fingerprint will contribute to the creation of an inclusive space filled with light, movement, personal stories, and inspiration.

The installation will be filled with tens of thousands of unique fingerprints suspended in a self-lit lightweight construction and will be presented at Nuit Blanche on September 29 2018.